Season 1 : 2016 July - 2016 December

Project leader


Carlos Ngoula holds a postgraduate degree in computer science and has worked for 5 years at Afriland First Bank as project manager. His organizational skills, his strong involvement and his spirit of innovation has enabled him to join the Orange Cameroon team where he successively occupied the positions of Orange Money project manager at the Technical and Information Department and Chief of crosscutting project. Since 2015, he is responsible for marketing innovation at Orange Cameroon, where he is involved in numerous innovative projects, notably Orange Fab and the Orange Challenge Innovation.



ActivSpaces is a tech hub that run centers aimed at provide resources to technology startups. It run two programs, including incubation and acceleration. Its incubation program supports startups by providing office space, internet connectivity, business coaching, in-house training, and a community of like-minded people and experts. Its acceleration program helps startups sustain their investments by connecting them with mentors, supporting them in incorporation, helping them grow, and raising funds for their operations. It also, we introduce them into its investor networks.


DART Training Center

Consultant - ActivSpaces partner
DART Training Center ( is a professional training center in the development of web and mobile applications whose mission is to bring young Cameroonians to the frontier of digital innovation. Our training philosophy emphasizes the importance of demonstrable skills and references (links of an online app for example) in relation to diplomas. DART Training Center is located in Kotto (Block L, Express Union Building) and Akwa (Boulevard de l Liberté, TECNO Building). The training period lasts 11 months and includes 5 months of training and 6 months of paid practical training. For more information, contact us on, or at 679698510.


Consultant - ActivSpaces partner
MAKREA was created following a meeting of several young designers from the communication, web and digital agencies, graphic studios and interior design agencies. Headed by Hermann Mak, Principal Designer, MAKREA is a team of young designers whose dream is to produce daring designs in order to create a link between brands and their consumers. Itscreative studio creates design in an integrated way. Nothing is taken lightly at MAKREA.

CT Consulting

Consultant - ActivSpaces partner
Founded in 2014, CT Consulting is a company with a wealth of expertise that aims to help local brands to increase their visibility, attractiveness and, of course, their financial stability. It offers the following main services:
  • Marketing : Strategy and Community Management
  • Personal and professional development : Team building and Leadership Training.
The brands below represent some of the people who trusted CT consulting and its consultants: Creative Cake Design, Good Feeling, Secret Spices, Kadji Sport Academy, Akwa Palace Hotel, St Jerome Catholic University, Catholic University Of Buea, TANTY.


After obtaining her Master 's degree in 2005, Boudjeka began her career as an export administrator in several companies in France. After a brief stay at a renowned African Advertising Agency, she qualified as an expert in Marketing and in the use of the media in our context. She made a name for herself as she worked as a Strategic Planner and Customer Relations Account Manager in major companies such as MTN Cameroon, Orange Cameroon, Tradex, Lana Bio Cosmetics, to name just a few. She is competent in clearly explaining how to build a marketing strategy and communicate effectively on products or services.

Jesse Carlton HAPPY

HAPPY Jesse Carlton is the lead consultant who works with ActivSpaces Startups. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Business Management degree in Marketing. Specialist in Marketing, author and motivator, his mission in the Bootcamp is to make the startups autonomous on a personal and professional level so that they keep the initial vision and that they are more efficient in the management of the resources.



CEO of AppsTech
Rebecca ENONCHONG is the founder and CEO of AppsTech Group, a multinational IT company specializing in enterprise software. Most recently, she is co-founder of I / O Spaces, a shared work space in Washington DC for African entrepreneurs in the diaspora. Ms. Enonchong was named Global Leader for Tomorrow (GLT) by the World Economic Forum of Davos in Switzerland. Forbes magazine named Ms. Enonchong among the leading women in AppsTech in Africa. In 2014, NewAfrican Magazine named her as one of the most infectious African women. She is the chairperson of the Board of Directors of ActivSpaces (African Center for Technology Innovation and Ventures), an incubator in Cameroon.

Alexandre BEZIAUD

Engineer in his soul, he graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris and Technische Universität München, Germany. His personal qualities and abilities in corporate finance, risk management, finance, and capital management among others have made it possible to go a long way from his position of management Controller at BNP Paribas (1998-2000).In June 2015, he became Managing Director of Societe Generale Cameroon.


CEO Routd'Af
He managed several organizations and companies such as the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS), the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (Arsel), Orange Cameroon, Chanas Assurances, the Financial Markets Commission (CMF), Chairman of the National Committee for Facilitation of Maritime Traffic and Ecobank of which he was in 2013 the acting chairmanship. In 2014, he was a director of the Société Anonyme Les Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Socaver and Sibraca Afrique in the BGI Group. With Routd'Af (Routes d'Afrique), the construction company he created with South African partners after his departure from Ldes Brasseries du Cameroun, he is involved in the construction of infrastructures for Cameroon and Africa.

Imrane BARRY

He holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Euro MBA Consortium where he received the honorary title of best MBA student of the academic year 2011 and a diploma in civil engineering from the " Higher National School of Public Works of Yamoussoukro. This dual competence gives him a very competitive profile which enabled him to occupy successively the responsibilities of Assistant to the Operational Director, West Africa and Managing Director of TOTAL Uganda Limited among others. He is currently Managing Director of TOTAL Cameroon SA.


Technocentre of Abidjan manager
His peers acknowledge he has a lot of kills, added to these skills, we have: project management, sound knowledge of the telecommunications sector, mastery of marketing and communication strategies, technical ingenuity… He successively occupied the positions of Marketing and Communication Manager of Orange CAR and of Orange Cameroon. Since October 2014, in his capacity as Manager of the technocenter of Orange Abidjan, he is an influential actor in a multinational Campany(Orange) which puts innovation at the centre of its strategy.



His academic background and his extra professional activities enables him to combine skills in telecommunications engineering, management and marketing in his daily duties. In an evolving competitive environment and an increasingly global market, his atypical engineer-manager profile and solid professional background (more than 10 years in the telecommunication sector) enables him take up many challenges effectively and efficiently. He has a high capacity to adapt and integrate in what ever organization.

Cédric KOMZE

With more than 10 years of experience in the telecom sector, Cédric Komze has, in turn, occupied the positions of junior product manager, senior product manager, premium marketing manager within Orange Cameroon. This strong professional background, coupled with his academic background, enabled him to occupy today the position of head of department "Mass Market" where he has the heavy responsibility to manage and boost the income of the main market segments Youth, Rural and Mass, and to drive "Mass Market" offers and services.

Orange Fab

*Fab - /fab/ (faeb)

  1. (n) Fab for "microchip fabrication plant"
  2. (adj) Fab- Fabulous; as soon as you take part

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